Christine Sirko

Woolwich Township, New Jersey

Message from artist

Christine Sirko is a New Jersey based ceramic artist, museum professional, and teacher. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Museum Professions and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. In 2012 Christine returned to her roots in pottery, where she embarked on a three-year journey to formulate her style. Christine’s sculptural seashells and functional pottery incorporates the images of tall ships and sailor’s body art, inspired by her years with the San Diego Maritime Museum. In 2014 Christine joined the New Jersey Potter’s Guild and is exhibiting her work at various venues throughout the state.


American Alliance of Museums, Washington, DC.
Community Art Center, Wallingford, PA.
National Council of Education in the Ceramic Arts.
Potters Guild of New Jersey.


Palisades Community Center, Palisades, New York. Wind-chimes.
Westhampton Arts and Crafts Show. Westhampton, Long Island, New York. Functional tableware.
Alice Gerard Show and Sale, Palisades, New York. Cups with handles, Casserole dishes.
Audubon Society, Westhampton, Long Island, New York. Birdhouses, bird-feeders.
Community Presbyterian Church, Mountainside, New Jersey.
Gloucester County Library, Logan Township, New Jersey.

About Me

Pottery can be functional or non-functional. In making a piece of pottery the touch of human hands acts as a reminded of the connection we have to each other. There is so much enjoyment for me seeing one of my pieces being used by someone. They hold it in their hands and use it in a way that most art cannot be enjoyed.

I love the sea and the churning of the ocean as it washes on the land. The cycle of changing movement, inspires me, from the swift upward thrust to the soft retreat as the wave washes back out to sea. The ebb and flow of life and all its changes flood me with a desire to capture its beauty. Yet, there is something stronger than the gentle waves that at once thrills and excites me, something deeper and bolder.

When I move clay on the wheel, it is like the ebb and flow of the sea, a catharsis, a means to an end, a feeling of accomplishment produced in a piece of pottery. Being able to hold beauty in my hands and a life filled with that beauty is meaningful to me.